Winner in Communication Arts Illustration Competition

I’m thrilled to let you know that my illustration for the Rotterdam Public Library has been selected in the prestigious illustration competition of Communication Arts. Their annual is such a fine collection of art, I used to savour every page when I was in Art Academy. And still do actuallly. It’s such an honor to be in there my self. The awarded illustration

From their site: ‘We had 4,055 entries submitted to this year’s competition, a slight drop from last year, but the jurors were still enthused about the quantity and quality of submissions. “I was quite impressed by the sheer volume of submissions in the first round, and while I did see some familiar faces, it was exciting and refreshing to see illustrators I didn’t yet know,” said juror Cara Llewellyn. “It was inspiring to see so much work that spans so many different genres, styles and techniques in one sitting,” juror Brian Lambert added.” Further reading and viewing on their site

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